The Forty-Second Channel

An excerpt from the inaugural speech of Dr. Heimerdinger

Runeterra is a world of infinite character and imagination, with seas as deep as galaxies and jungles the size of entire continents. It is hard to put its beauty—indeed, its delicacy—into perspective without seeing it firsthand for yourself. In the furthest corner of the world there are sister islands carved by the slow but constant movement of whirlpools. These land masses twist into a network of fractal sand bars and teeming coral reefs. In some areas of this region the water moves so quickly that it is impossible to swim, yet even in the rapids life has taken on its own unique shapes and masks. The southern crescent of this territory contains the Shadow Isles, which has for many centuries been a destination for our top scholars of the arcane.

In the earliest literature of the Common Man this area of the world was called the Bough, and many people believed it was the origin of Runeterra’s magic. Today, we still are not certain whether the Bough is actually as special as our ancestors believed, but we do know that it emanates a unique magical signature.

I will not attempt to get into a scholarly discussion of ancient geography, or of the intricacies of Runeterran magic—that is beyond the scope of us here. (For those less educated, though, magic comes in many different channels, and mages of different calibers and techniques are only aware of certain strands—no mage has been known to be aware of them all). But the forty-second strand, this is the most important thread of them all and the only one that should concern you.

The forty-second strand is responsible for us. For all of us and everything that we are: fur, flesh, bone, skin, whatever. The forty-second strand’s resonance is what we believe fuels the conscience in us to create art, to create the expressive techmaturgical innovations you see around you. To weave the old as dust paintings of Icathia, which you might not think exists but which I am for certain still does!

So whether you are studying art, the arcane, or the techmaturgical, remember first and foremost to open your hearts and brains to the forty-second channel. You might not find it, but everything that you do here at the Academy is for science after all, and the pursuit of knowledge (however fruitless it sometimes can be) is never a pursuit taken in vain. Good luck in your studies!

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